Monday, September 27, 2010

Yeah, Yeah lets get out of here...Sharktopus

We all watched sharktopus.   We did it in fast forward mode.   Anytime there wasn't a sharktopus attack we fast forwarded.    No Blah - Blah I was told by the boys. 

Mini Reviews:
The acting was horrible.   But the Sharktopus attacks were great.

  • "Yeah, Yeah lets get out of here"  That is what you say when you smell a fart in the mall.
  • Who ever came up with this should be shot
  • I show more emotion when I am taking a nap
  • Who goes hunting Sharktopus in flip-flops
  • Estimation of what happened.   The entire movie was filmed with no one knowing what it was about.   Just words on page.  Read this script guess what you are reacting to;  is it comedy, horror, drama you don't know.  That's how the magic happens.
As soon as it was over the boys were done.   They went into the lego room, created their own sharktopus and started their own sharktopus movies.

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helen said...

There is a shop on NE Alberta at about 13th where they carry toys and art about toys. This picture reminded me of the things they had there when I visited it. You may like it. I don't remember the name.