Sunday, September 19, 2010

Questions 2: Emi Lenox

Emi Lenox writes a sketch diary called EmiTown. This was just picked up to be printed as a 400 page collection by Image. Her engaging art style and design takes us through her trials and tribulations of life. Lenox has had internships a Periscope Studios and Top Shelf. She is currently working with several publishers, Oni, Vertigo and Top Shelf on different projects.

Doug Dorr: What projects are you working on currently?

Emi Lenox: I will hopefully, always be working on EmiTown, a sketch diary comic that can be found online at www.emitown.comand soon in print through Image comics scheduled to be released next month.

I am also working on a few independent comics that I’m hoping to pitch to some publishers!

DD: What is your writing Process?

For EmiTown specifically, I keep notes of the interesting things that happen that day. Otherwise, I sort of draw my way through.

DD: What Comic/ Trade would you recommend?

Something maybe not everyone has checked out would be That Salty Air by Tim Sievert. I love that book.

DD: What Comic/ Trade would you recommend to someone new to comics?

It would depend on what genre they are most interested in. I have recommended people to Asterios Polyp, Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library, and Paul Hornschemier’s Mother Come Home.

DD: When you are story illustrator, how involved are you in the writing?

I have not experienced being isolated as an artist on a project yet. I mainly do both.

DD: What skill would you like to learn?

To fly a Blue Angel jet.

DD: Do you have a collection? If so, what is one of the items you're most proud of?

My Process Recess 2 by James Jean, First print of Bone by Jeff Smith, all my Chris Ware comics.

DD: What is your favorite genre of Comics?

Slice of Life, Autobiographical.

DD: Do you have an Ipad? If so what do use it for the most.

I do not have an Ipad. I don’t even have an Iphone. I do have an old Ipod however which I use everyday.

DD: What is your favorite TV show/ movie?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEXTER. I also love Friday Night Lights and How I Met Your Mother. Movie-wise I would have to say I love Amelie, the Hangover, and chick flicks and movies where there are a lot of butt kicking.

DD: What was your first comic convention?

First attended would be San Diego Comic Con 2004. First tabled at would be Emerald City Comic Con 2010.

DD: What is your favorite part of comic conventions?

The COMICS and reuniting with friends in the industry that I only see during cons.

DD: If you weren’t doing comics what would you do?

I have no idea. Flying Blue Angels in air shows?

DD: Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would recommend?

I don’t actually. I rarely eat out. I truly am a poor artist.

DD: How long have you lived in Portland, what made you choose Portland?

I grew up in the suburbs of Portland so this is basically home base. I did move away to San Francisco for a year and a half and ended up missing Portland terribly. I truly feel I belong here.

DD: What is your favorite part of Portland?

The close proximity it is to the beach, rivers, mountains, and county. Everything is nearby and the city itself is a comic heaven.

DD: Where in Portland/ Oregon would you most like to visit?

The Wild Life Animal Park.

DD: Would you like to write for another media? or conversely, how wouldyou feel about writing a comic of a character from a different media, for example, Dr. Who, James Bond? What would you explore?

I would be interested in exploring as long as it’s a character/media that I am interested in!

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