Friday, September 24, 2010

Questions 3: Ron Chan

The last time I was at Stumptown I almost bought the above print by Ron Chan.  He is a fantastic illustrator and colorist.    He was born and raised in Portland, OR and works as a freelance Comics Artist, Storyboarder, and Illustrator.   He also works as a Story boarder for commercial clients.   He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, and he is a member of the Periscope Studio.   He colored Underground by Parker and Lieber and worked at Dark Horse, Marvel, Virgin, and Viper Comics and was on a super secret mission for Microsoft.

Doug Dorr:  What projects are you working on currently?

Ron Chan:  I've been bouncing back and forth between a lot of different commercial storyboarding gigs, and I've just launched a webcomic with my best friend called Roy's Boys. It's at

DD: What is your Artistic Process?

My process is highly digital. I do almost all of my drawing in Photoshop, using a 12" Wacom Cintiq. For storyboarding and commercial work, I work 100% digital. For comics work, I'll usually draw in Photoshop, but then print it out to ink traditionally with brush and ink on bristol board.

DD: What Comic/ Trade would you recommend?

I would recommend one that's not even out yet, but will be soon. Everybody should pick up Emitown, by Emi Lenox, when Image releases the book soon. October, I think. Brilliant autobio.

DD: What Comic/ Trade would you recommend to someone new to comics?

One of my all time favorites is Tommysaurus Rex, by Doug TenNapel. It's a super fast read with lots of heart, and energetic drawing.

DD: When are story illustrator, how involved are you in the writing?

Typically, not involved at all. I read a script, and I try to find the best way to tell the story. Most of the time, I wouldn't really consider myself a maker of stories, but a teller of stories.

DD: What skill would you like to learn?

I'd love to be able to increase efficiency in my drawing. Not necessarily efficiency as in pages per hour, but visual efficiency; the ability to use less visual information to show more.

DD:  Do you have a collection?   If so, what is one of the items you're most proud of?

I have a modest couple bookshelves of books, but I wouldn't call myself a collector. I enjoy reading and owning them, but I don't prize any of them.

DD: What is your favorite genre of Comics?

Not really any in particular. What I read is usually based on a friend's recommendation.

DD: Do you have an Ipad?   If so what do use it for the most.

I wish I had an ipad. I've considered getting one, but at this point, I figure I might as well wait for the second generation.

DD: What is your favorite TV show/ movie?

Too many to choose from, so I'll just say what I'm digging right now. Favorite TV show of the moment is Dexter, and favorite movie I've seen recently is Inception.

DD: What was your first comic convention?

The big one. I went to SDCC while I was still in college, learning about comics, and it was my first con.

DD: What is your favorite part of comic conventions?

My favorite part of conventions is definitely running into and catching up with other comics folks that I don't see otherwise.

DD: If you weren’t doing comics what would you do?

Right now, I'm balancing comics work with storyboarding work, but if I didn't have comics, I'd surely be focusing on storyboarding full time.

DD: Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would recommend?

There's a great place on SE 41st and Division called Sckavone's. Try the meatloaf.

DD: How long have you lived in Portland, what made you choose Portland?

I was actually born and raised in Portland, although I spent 4 years living in Georgia, when I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. After college, it made sense to continue living in Portland, because I love the city, and it just so happened that my home town is great for comics.

DD:  What is your favorite part of Portland?

I love the size and culture of Portland. It has a lot of the conveniences of a larger city, but still feels like a smallish town.

DD:  Where in Portland/ Oregon would you most like to visit?

Even though it's not far outside of Portland, it's been years since I've gotten over to the coast.

DD:  Would you like to write for another media? or conversely, how would
you feel about writing a comic of a character from a different media,
for example, Dr. Who, James Bond?  What would you explore?

I'm not much of a writer, but I'd surely have fun drawing such a thing.

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