Sunday, May 27, 2012

06/06 Jeff Parker signing Dark Avengers launch @ I Like Comics

Join Jeff Parker (Currently of THUNDERBOLTS and INCREDIBLE HULK) at I like Comics in Vancouver for the exclusive launch of DARK AVENGERS!   Jeff Will be available for a meet-n-greet and for his always popular sketches & signature!

I Like Comics
2101 E 4th Plain,  
Vancouver, WA 98661
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
4:00pm until 7:00pm

Facebook Event

06/02 Portland TFAW Grand Opening and Patric Reynold's Show

June second will be the grand opening of the new TFAW Portland store on 2916 Broadway.   The Hollywood store will be closing and moving to this new great location.    Come check out this new store location.     Join the team at the grand opening and see Patric Reynolds new show at the TFAW Gallery.  

<<TFAW Press Release>>

What: Patric Reynolds: Black & White Gallery Exhibition at Portland TFAW's Grand Opening Party
Where: Portland TFAW, 2916 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
When: Saturday, June 2 from 7 to 10 p.m.

May 18, 2012, Portland OR--Things From Another World (TFAW) is proud to announce a month-long Patric Reynolds: Black & White Gallery Exhibition, debuting during the new Portland TFAW's Grand Opening Party June 2 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Guests will be treated to an up-close look at 15 of Reynold's favorite pieces, which will be displayed throughout the month of June. Complimentary food and beer (for those 21+ with ID) will be provided.

Patric Reynolds is one of the most exciting up-and-coming artist in comics. His raw, dramatic style will be featured in Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Falling Skies Season 2 prequel, written by Paul Tobin and based on the popular TNT television show. Reynolds is also well-known for his work on Let Me InSerenity: Float Out, and Abe Sapien.

"The most exciting thing about our new Portland store is that it offers us a lot of opportunities to expand into new areas, like gallery shows," said TFAW Senior Director of Retail Operations Andrew McIntire. "Patric's art will be the perfect addition to our epic Grand Opening party, and we're proud to display it all month long."

Reynolds' gallery pieces will include pages from Let Me InSerenity: Float OutFalling Skies, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, among others, as well as several character sketches. These pieces will be available for sale throughout the month of June. Don't miss TFAW's Grand Opening celebration--mark June 2 down now!

About Things From Another World:
Founded in 1979, Things From Another World is the premier retailer of comic books, toys, collectibles, and pop-culture geek goodness, both in Portland, Oregon and online at

06/13 Angel & Faith and AVX writer Christos Gage @ PDX TFAW

Press Release from TFAW

What: Christos Gage Angel & Faith Signing
Where: Portland TFAW, 2916 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
When: Wednesday, June 13 from 7 to 10 p.m.

May 22, 2012, Portland OR--Angel & Faith writer Christos Gage is coming to Oregon--and he'll be signing at the new Portland Things From Another World (TFAW) store June 13 from 7 to 10 p.m. Not only will guests get to meet one of comics' coolest writers, but they'll enjoy free food and beer (21+ with valid ID). Plus, thanks to publisher Dark Horse Comics, attendees will be able to purchase their copies of Angel & Faith: Live Through This TPB Vol. 1 a full week before it hits the stands!

"We wanted the first signing at the new Portland TFAW to be something really special, and we're incredibly excited to have Christos Gage in the store," said TFAW's Senior Director of Retail Operations Andrew McIntire. "Angel & Faith is one of our favorite Whedon books, and we've loved his work on Avengers Academy and X-Men Legacy, too!"

Two of Joss Whedon's most controversial characters, Angel and Faith, have joined forces in a phenomenal new series by Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs! Angel has made bad choices in his life. However, he believes he's found a way to make amends, by bringing Giles back from the grave! Cue Faith--rebel Slayer, and Angel's only ally--who only supports this harebrained scheme to keep her friend from catatonia. New threats emerge as this unlikely duo struggles against real and personal demons, while hitting the dark streets of London!

In addition to Angel & Faith, Gage has been knee-deep in Marvel's epic crossover event, Avengers vs. X-Men, writing both Avengers Academy and X-Men Legacy. Pick up the most recent issues at TFAW and get them signed June 13--see you there!

About Things From Another World:
Founded in 1979, Things From Another World is the premier retailer of comic books, toys, collectibles, and pop-culture geek goodness, both in Portland, Oregon and online at

06/07 - Chili Com Carne: FUTURO PRIMITIVO @ Floating World

FUTURO PRIMITIVO is an art exhibiton of Portuguese comix and illustration artists, curated by Texan artist Nevada Hill. In this show you can see the original work of 30 different artists that made Futuro Primitivo comix book, in a seminal project of mixing different strips from different artists making all together a brand new comix story.

Chili Com Carne founder, Marcos Farrajota, stated that “PRIMITIVE FUTURE” was to be the last manifesto of the Art of Publishing and hence, he invited ALL members of the Chili Com Carne to participate in this volume!

The given theme was dystopian and post-apocalyptic Science Fiction. As an inspiration, each author was asked to choose an item from a list of some of the biggest technological creations that caused Humanity to move forward into abyss: weapons, agriculture, fire, shelter, wheel, metal, currency, printing, steam engine, electricity, nuclear power, transistor, the pill and Dolly... The comics were combined exquisite corpse style. Strips / panels/ comics were reorganized and mixed together, so that it would create a "meta-story" with the sum of all these “graphic-narrative units” of various comics.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

05/19 The PGC3 Geek Olympathon

Who: Portland Geeks
What: The PGC3 Geek Olympathon
Where: Taking place in Portland
When: Saturday, May 19th starting at 9am
Why: Because last year's event was just the beginning?

Where to register?

The Facebook event?

 "After delighting Portland with the debut of its Geek Olympathon last June, the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture (PGC3) is proud to announce that the city-wide nerd-fest will return May 19! After forming a team of up to five members, participants will compete in geeky contests and events all over Portland in order to win fantastic prizes, including tickets and hotel accommodations for five to the world’s premier gaming festival, PAX Prime in Seattle from August 31-September 2. Both weekend and single-day passes to this convention have completely sold out, so you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

The Geek Olympathon will commence Saturday, May 19 at 9 a.m. at Backspace (115 NW 5th Ave) with opening ceremonies and a Racing the Tubes bike race sponsored by Old Town Computers. Backspace will also provide free house coffee and facilities for last-minute team registration. Individual events will run from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and be hosted in a number of locations in Portland. Entry is $25 for teams of up to five people or $5 per individual, and teams can register online at"
After the day’s events are over, participants will face the final competitions and be awarded prizes at the Awardathon, an epic celebration at the Eagles Lodge at 4904 SE Hawthorne from 8 p.m. to close. Here, teams will compete in a special edition of Things From Another World’s Geek Trivia with Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts of “cortandfatboy” before they are awarded prizes for their performance in the Olympathon, as well as bonus awards for overall participation.

A full schedule of events and the online form for team registration are available at

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cartoon Survivor - League of Extraordinary Bloggers

This week's assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is Ultimate Crossover.  I have been think of this for a while.  This is the perfect excuse to share it.      I would most like to see a Cartoon Survivor; in the “Who killed roger rabbit” genre.       This would be celebrity survivor with our favorite cartoon characters, new and old.     These characters have so much personality that we know and recognize.         What alliances would be formed?    Who would win competitions?    Who will backstab who?    Who goes crazy?  Who is first to get kicked off?

I think we would have to have:

Daffy Duck
Yosemite Sam
Pepe Le Pew
Droopy Dog
Betty Boop
Woody Woodpecker
Jessica Rabbit
Phil Ken Sebben  (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law)
Butt-Head  (From Beavis & Butt-Head)
Dr. Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)
Daria Morgendorffer
Boo Boo Bear
Bobby Hill
Lucy  (From Charlie Brown)
Lisa Simpson
Rabbit (From Winnie the Pooh)

You get the idea.  Which cartoons should be sent to the island.

Other members from the League:

Sideshow Cinema
Branded in the 80s
aeiou and sometimes why (Includes the DR)
Micheal May Adventure Blog

Friday, May 04, 2012

05/24 An Evening with Joe Sacco at Mercy Corps

Check out  this amazing lecture between Joe Sacco and Mercy Corps' Chief Communication Officer, Jeremy Barnicle.

<<Press Release>>

What: Joe Sacco, award-winning graphic journalist, in conversation with Mercy Corps' Chief Communications Officer, Jeremy Barnicle.
When: 7:00 pm May 24th to 8:30 pm
     28 SW First Avenue
      Portland 97204
      503-896-5002, option 4

Tickets: $10, available at Brown Paper Tickets, by phone (503-896-5747) or in person at the Mercy Corps Action Center.
Joe Sacco is widely believed to be the creator of war-reportage comics, and is author of American Book Award winner Palestine (1996), and Safe Area GoraĹžde,The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95, which won the Eisner Award and was a New York Times Notable Book, and Time magazine’s best comic book of 2000.

Born in Malta and raised in Australia, Los Angeles and Portland, Sacco’s books are available in 14 languages and his work has appeared in Details, The New York Times Magazine, Time, and Harper’s. His book, Footnotes in Gaza (2009) has been nominated for an Oregon Book Award.