Monday, November 05, 2012

Star Pilots Revenge

I went to the listening party for Kielen King (Pwn Tony)  Star Pilots Revenge at Bridge City Comics.      Pick up your copy now of his R/B Sci-fi Epic.

"The star pilot saga continues with 2012's "Star Pilot's Revenge!" Pick right up where the story left off and follow the Star Pilot as he continues on his mission to earn cash & kick ass!
Weapons fried. Shields busted. Hull breached. The silent flames were all that remained of the Star Pilot’s ship. His enemies long gone and laughing with his frelling booty in their cargo holds. Did they really think that was all it would take to leave the Star Pilot dead in space? Money and fame are gonna’ have to wait. There are some no good punks that need killing and the Star Pilot is gonna’ pull the trigger till the blaster goes click. It doesn’t matter where his enemies hide. He’s coming for them and he’s coming in hard. Nothing is going to stop the Star Pilot from putting a hole in his target’s sad little warship. Well, except maybe those ladies at the bar. Hey, what’s a little overnight on the best damn pleasure planet in all the known universe? But you better believe, Star Pilot has revenge on his mind and a firing solution locked. His enemies are gonna’ learn just how cold and black space can be…"

From the kickstarter.