Monday, September 20, 2010

Brian Chippendale at FWC 11/19

Brian Chippendale know for his fast-paced, frantic drumming for Lightning Bolt has announced a new project If 'n Oof set for release November 1.   He announce a signing at Floating World Comics.

From Picturebox:  If 'n' Oof focuses on the misadventures of the mismatched eponymous duo Chippendale's very own Laurel and Hardy. Chippendale allows the two to explore his landscapes and alien beings. Comedy, horror, and out-and-out adventure in a story-driven, manga-style adventure, replete with the frenetic linework and concise, witty dialogue for which he has become known.

Update: 6-9pm, interview at 7pm (with Matt Fraction)
Floating World Comics,
20 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR

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