Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two to read: Blacksad and Pluto

Blacksad by Juan Díaz Canales is a luxurious english translation of a french comic that was just released by Dark Horse.    This book is the first three Blacksad stories combined into a hardcover.   The story is an engaging noir mystery set in the 50's.  The artwork is stunning;  the coloring, composition and detail are all breathtaking.   And the book is filled with both dynamic action and quiet  moody scenes.   The anthromorphic figures are are chosen carefully to be the animal they need to be, the deer school teacher, the jazz orangutan, the pig bar tender, black horse gang member.  The chosen animals give these characters more depth with just an image.   This is a must read.

Pluto Books 1-8 by Urasawa x Tezuka   This is a Mystery as well.  It is a Manga, based off the Astroboy story arc, Greatest Robot on Earth.    I haven't read Astroboy and generally don't read Manga.   But I loved this.   One of the most advanced robots in the world is murdered for no apparent reason.   A conspiracy evolves and a detective is sent to investigate it before it is too late.   This story is about what really means to be human, friendship, family,  and the nature of war. 

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