Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stumptown Comics Fest/ Double feature

Me and Sambot at the Stumptown Comic Fest.    The event moved from the Doubletree to the Convention Center.    I feel the comicfest overall had grewinto a Big Convention, with a home town feel.  The panels this year were amazing.   

I think one of my biggest surprises this year was meeting Josh Emmons from 4 Star Studios out of Chicago.    They have developed a new Comic Book reader "Double Feature", this reader allows a whole new experience with comics that print doesn't have.      It has four Layers, you can  read the comic as normal, view just the pencils, view just the inks and view the comic with creator commentary of each page.     They are releasing brand new content for the app,   The first theme is "Action"  staring Jack Kracken by Tim Seeley & Ross Campbell and The Answer by Dennis Hopeless & Mike Norton.    And the issues are 99 Cents.

These are the goals of the app (Double Feature):
It’s Digital!  --- By publishing digital-only, They can take greater risks and pass the savings
Cutting Edge Content  --- Their creators have the freedom to spitball new ideas that couldn’t work anywhere else.
Respected Creators  -- Our stories are written and illustrated by top industry talent.  
Special Features  ---  Enticing features like commentary and the ability to look at the penciled, inked, or colored version of any page.
Accessible   ---Available for the ipad and a PDF.   
All Audiences  ---  "Yes, all of them. Not just for kids. Not adults only. But exciting stories that can be enjoyed by everyone."     Josh and I discussed this particular goal at length.   As my son is reading more and more I am always looking out for new stuff for him to read.      

Read more at Comic Alliance by Chris Sims

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