Friday, April 01, 2011

04/07 - Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg and Terry Blas Comic Art Show

Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg and Terry Blas are two local, Portland cartoonists, both debuting new books at Stumptown Comics Fest this year. We've got them a week early though for a showing of their work and creative process when making a comic.

Thursday, April 7 · 6:00pm -8:30pm
Independent Publishing Resource Center
917 SW Oak St #203
Portland, OR

Painful Vices: Painful Vices begins with a break-up between two little monsters. It goes on to tell the story of how one half of the couple copes with this through a series of vignettes about his increasingly bad habits.

Briar Hollow:
Self-proclaimed gamer, comic book collector and cryptozoology enthusiast Molly, decides to return to college after a soul searching semester off. Harassed by bullies and prompted by her lonelliness, she attempts to leave her nerdiness behind, but when old friends and crushes return to her life, she may just find that nerds rule and being yourself is the most fun! Briar Hollow is an ongoing web comic series. The first volume, currently being posted consists of six issues. Issue one is Monday, issue two is Tuesday etc. It is created, written, penciled and inked and lettered by Terry Blas and colored by Kimball Davis.

About the Artists:
Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg was born in New Jersey in 1983, but an early love of Beverly Cleary books piqued her curiosity about Portland. Five years ago she made it her home. Lisa divides her time between drawing comics and working with middle schoolers and high school freshmen, who encourage her tendencies towards base humor. She has been published in the anthologies Bird Hurdler, Papercutter, and Bearfight!, and she self-publishes the comic series I Cut My Hair.

Terry Blas can play the trumpet. If he has seen a movie more than three times he can quote it front to back. It’s pretty weird. He has lived all over Mexico and the United States and feels like he has neglected Canada. He draws a lot too.He is a recent graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a degree in Illustration. He is the writer and illustrator of the web comic Briar Hollow. His clients include Ongina and Jujubee (RuPaul's Drag Race), Perry Moore (Hero/Narnia), and Bryson Gilreath (MTV My Life as Liz). He has also done work for Keen Footwear and Tokyopop.

So, come on up to the IPRC on First Thursday, April 7th!

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