Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review 51 Issues 0 - 3 By Jason Miller/ Jim Hill

Jason Miller/ Jim Hill

In 1955 a remote site was chosen for the Lockheed’s Skunk Works projects.    A fake construction firm named CLJ is formed by the CIA to oversee the construction of the base, build hangars, a mile-long runway, control tower, mess hall and living quarters  in Groom Lake, Nevada.   In March of 1984 the Air Force posts armed guards along the access points to the 89,000 acres of public land to the east and north of Groom, expanding the borders of the base.  These are the on-going stories of life and times of the people that work at the infamous military base, Area 51.

The stories in these issues are about the organization that investigates alien incursions on the planet and control the news about them.    The group consists of agents and the scientists that support them.    Jason Miller has done a good job giving each character their own voice and story.     In these four issues you just get introduced to the characters as they go on variety of missions.   I really liked the quirky humor and the tantalizing back stories that are revealed.  I am driven to continue reading these comics because I am interested in the characters and their interactions.

I like Jim Hills art work;  I first came across his work on the zombie horror western, Dead Don’t Die also from Working Class Press.     His work has stylized heavy lines, sometimes it looks like a wood cut print to me.    He has done a good job creating individual looking characters for this story.     He has a unique style, it is  a bold, cartoony style, with blocky figures with a 60’s style.    

A quick rundown of the characters

General Hughes - BMOC
Zoe – Hughes assistant

Agents :
Hill – Curmudgeonly  experienced agent
Phelps – New agent starting at Area 51

Dr Spencer  - curious space case with 3 doctorates from MIT
Dr Whitman – Alien Behaviorist
Dr Burns – Cranky nerd
Dr Armstrong – Head of the department
Dr. Krieger –   ???

And the Adversary

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