Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wonder Woman Day V

As you know the WWD-V is coming up at Excalibur books.   I went last year with the boys and it is was fun.    My favorite part all the art work that is up for the silent auction.    There is a great list of guests.   Come by and check it out.   All of the proceeds goes to benefit survivors of domestic violence and their children.  And it is officially Wonder Woman day in Portland.

Excalibur books
Oct 24,2010

Guests will have special prints to sign, given away free! Sketches will be by donation.
• Matt Wagner (1pm-6pm, Trinity, Grendel, Mage, Zorro, Sandman Mystery Theatre)!
• Ron Randall (noon-5pm, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Outsiders, Star Wars, Trekker)!
• Anne Timmons (noon-6pm, Go Girl!, Graphic Classics, Star Trek)!
• Rich Ellis (noon-6pm, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Twilight Zone)!
• Natalie Nourigat (noon-6pm, Between gears, This Is A Souvenir)!
• Dane Ault (noon-6pm, Zombie Greeting Cards, Marvel cards, Monkey Minion Press)!
• Emi Lenox (noon-6pm, Image’s upcoming EmiTown)!
• Steve Dorris (noon-6pm, onsite caricatures of attendees as a super-hero)!

There will be an Outdoor Block Party with Special Super-Hero & Sci-Fi Guests:
• Mandalorian Mercs - Northwest Confederacy Clan
• PDX Browncoats
• The cast of Trek In The Park
• The Alter Egos Society
• PDX Yar and Rose City Rogues Pirate Clans
• Cloud City Garrison of the 501st Stormtroopers
• plus an outdoor karaoke tent with GOOD TIMES KARAOKE
hosted with the cooperation of Quick Stop Photo / Picture Preview Pro 

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