Monday, October 25, 2010

Questions 10 : Brian Churilla

Brian Churilla is a cartoonist born, raised and currently residing in Portland, Oregon.  He lives in Portland with his wife and daughter.    He worked on The Engineer: Konstrukt for Archaia, The Anchor for Boom, The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet for Marvel Comics  and many other check his site for a full list.  He has also worked with Oni, Dark Horse, Image, Digital Webbing and Red 5.

From what I read he also enjoys "long walks in the woods, death metal, black metal, metal metal, metal metal metal, horror movies and Spaghetti Westerns".

DD:   What is your artistic Process?

Brian Churilla:   As it pertains to comics, I usually get a script and read it through. As I'm doing so, I like to doodle here and there on the script, especially if any images/shots pop into my head as I read it. I draw a small thumbnail for each page, and once those get approved I blow them up and print them out in a light blue, pink, or orange directly onto the Bristol. The thumb becomes my underdrawing, and seems to speed the process up a little. I broke this whole process down into great detail some time back. More can be read about it by clicking here.

DD:   What Comic/ Trade would you recommend?

I can't say that I read many comics anymore. Wish I could find the time. I would suggest anything by Will Eisner, Mike Mignola and/or Alex Toth.

DD:  What Comic/ Trade would you recommend to someone new to comics?

See above. ha!

DD:   When are story illustrator, how involved are you in the writing?

I was very involved in the writing of The Engineer. Everything else? Not so much. Been a hired hand since then.

DD:   What is your favorite genre of Comics?

Dark, horror stuff. I love Guy Davis' Marquis series. Old Wrightson stuff. Creepy and Eerie. Hellboy.

DD:   How long have you lived in Portland, what made you choose Portland?

Portland chose me. I was born and raised here, probably'll kick the ol' bucket here too.

DD:   What is your favorite part of Portland?

The hipsters. I loves them real hard. Nah, I like the rain. The general gloomyness. It lends itself well to hermits like myself.

DD:   Where in Portland/ Oregon would you most like to visit?

I wish I could visit my bed more often. I don't sleep much. Often 3 or 4 hours a day.

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