Friday, October 15, 2010

Stan Lee

What the heck.     I feel like I am standing in place compared to Stan "The Man"  Lee.    He seems to be busier than ever.   What did you do this fall?   And all this before NYCC. 

He is Creating 44 new heroes based on NHL  --
He has a new hero based for MTV  --
He is defending video games in California  --
He has a series of heroes he is releasing with Boom.  --
Cameos in Marvel movies    --
A new reality series on Syfy about world of show-biz and pop-culture memorabilia collecting   --
He has been at New York Comicon, Emerald City, and others
He is doing a cyberpunk Romeo and Juliet with 1821 comics 

For goodness sake,  he had a cameo in the new show Nikita.

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