Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oregonian Abroad

Joe Keatinge went to the Angoulême Comic Festival.    It is almost twice the size of San Diego.  There are comics from France, Japan, North America, South America, Korea, Africa, India, China and pretty much wherever people make comics.    He was also able to meet the amazing Jean “Moebius” Giraud. 

He also crossed the river to Musée De La BD, featuring a huge permanent collection of comic book with a wide range of cartoonists and artists from Rodolphe Töpffer, Frank Miller, Herge, C.C. Beck to Rob Liefeld.  

Read about his experience and the conference on the Neon Blog site.  He discusses the show, the publishers, and artists.   He gives you real insight into the international comics’ scene.
Personally, I loved this presentation from the Wacom Booth which had Moebius and other top international artists demo the Cintiq.    

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