Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Comic Book Club

For those who love beer and/or Comics join the Comic Book Club.   So it has been decided.  

Meet at Bridge City Comics and on to Amnesia Brewing.
Date: 2/2 AT 7:00 PM


WHEREAS: Portland, Oregon has an impressive number of excellent comics shops, and 
WHEREAS: Portland, Oregon also has an impressive number of excellent drinking establishments, and   

WHEREAS: Portland, Oregon is damn near overflowing with charming, bright, and devastatingly attractive comics creators, readers, and purveyors, nearly all of whom enjoy both (A) reading comics and (B) decent conversation about, but not limited to, comics...,

LET IT BE RESOLVED: That the hastily concocted, lazily named “Comic Book Club” shall meet more or less once a month, first at a Portland comics shop and then at a nearby bar.

FAITHFULLY SUBMITTED: Erik Philo Henriksen, Esq.

Comic Book Club: Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Meeting at Bridge City Comics (3725 N. Mississippi, Portland, Oregon) at 6 pm. Moving across the street to Amnesia Brewing (832 N. Beech, Portland, Oregon) at around 7 pm. Future meetings will be held at various other comics shops around Portland and, naturally, at the bars close to them.

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