Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marvel TV

Ron Richards at ifanboy wrote up this fantastic list of  Marvel Comics ready for TV.  I have to agree they are ready to go.   My favorite are Cloak and Dagger, Daily Bugle, Runaways and Pryde. 

Here is the low down.

1. Runaways - Children of supervillians on the run
2. Cloak and Dagger  - Fighting Crime
3. Daily Bugle - Yummy yellow Journalism news Drama - J.Jonah Jameson
4. Nova - SciFi adventure - Teenager gets the power of an interstellar Space Cop
5. Pryde - Kitty Pride at college
6. What The..?  -
7. Black Cat - Beautiful Woman, private detective by day, Cat burgler by night
8. Inhumans -
9. Murdock, Attorney at Law - Crime Drama with a Blind lawer
10. The Bullpen - The true stories of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Larry LieberMaking marvel grow in the 60's.


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