Friday, July 09, 2010

Comics I like

I was confronted by The CSG guys at #ECCC  what comics do I like.  I fumbled around so I thought I write it out.
30 Second speech what comics do I like:
I like a variety of comics, I had to break my likes into several categories.

*         sci-fi comics
*         mythology and magic.
*         Stories and with great art and/ or unique- exceptional  stories
           100 Bullets
*         alternate histories, and early Batman (Proto-batman) stories.
*         literary fiction, fables, unwritten, sandman, LoED.
*         Stories with strong female characters:
           Birds of Prey, Tara Chace, WW, Powers
*         I like story's/ mythologies that expand the ages,
           like Ironfist, Madame Xandu, Buffy, Shield
*         Stories are fighting the powers that be.   Invisibles
*         Stories with old time hero's,
           Green hornet, zorro, Lone Ranger, First Wave
*         I enjoy books the explore religion (Good and Bad)
           Promethia, Grendel: God and Devil, Battle Pope,
           Rex Mundi, Preacher, Magdelena
*        And I like the classic comfort food of the big two,
           Batman, Thor, Ironman, Spiderman,
           and the wolverine and x-men.. I was reading in the 80's.

And I like trying new stuff: Recently I am enjoying the manga Pluto.

Recommendations welcome

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