Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic Weekend

#NotAtComicCon at Cosmic Monkey
Signing with Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee.  Jeff Parker worked with Gannon.  Gannon explained His current astronaut comic.   Jeff wanted to see his alien so Gannon explained it to him and they worked out the alien.  Chris did some fantastic sketches for us.   Their current works are Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts and The Mighty Thor.  They are all great.

Portland Art Museum
We went to Family Night at the  PAM.   We looked at the R.Crumb exhibit.   Book of genesis.  What a task to illustrate and  recreate the unabridged story sequentially.  We got to do some drawing and made buttons thanks to the IPRC

Drawing Class
The boys went Kids Comics Class @ Cosmic Monkey.   They are making Comics.

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