Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vic Boone TPB: Murder Malfunction

The new trade of Vic Boone has been released from from Shawn Aldridge and Geoffo from the publisher 215 Ink.  

Vic Boone is a former daredevil and now private investigator, a combination of  Mickey Spillane combined with  Jim  Rockford.   This is a traditional gumshoe story immersed in a  crazy early Hollywood B movie futuristic Portland filled with robot thugs, ape men, ray guns and more madness.   The story is more amplified by Geoffo’s loose style and cool compositions.      Then layer on top of dramatic Casanova-like monochromatic contrasting  color schemes of orange, purples, and blue.    This is makes this a fun innovative read as you watch Vic smart talking and smashing his way to save his femme fatale or save himself.

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