Saturday, March 17, 2012

Portland Questions 49: Randy "Rantz" Kintz

 I ran into Randy Kintz at a couple shows most recently the Portland Comic Book Show.   Randy “Rantz” Kintz is a freelance illustrator and professional comic book artist that has worked on Jason and the Argonauts for Blue Water Comics, Drone for Red5 Comics, and is currently working on God Play and Underbelly for Darkbrain.  He was first published by Blue Water Comics, in 'Power of the Valkyrie #2'.     His work was at the displayed at  "Comics at the Crossroads" at the Maryhill Museum in Goldendale, WA.  He has done a several different sketch cards collections most recently he is part of Betty Page collection.   His stylized art is unique and reminds me other artists like Humberto Ramos or Mateo Scalera.

DD:   What projects are you working on currently? 
I currently draw a series for Darkbrain Comics, called UNDERBELLY. I've also drawn GODPLAY #1 and #2, and GRACE #11 for them as well.

DD:   What is your artistic Process?

Since I do my own inking, I usually go from rough layouts, directly to inks. Very rarely do I ever provide finished pencils. For me, that just slows the process, and in this industry speed counts.

DD:   Illustrating, it is said is essentially storytelling.  Have you
thought of writing a story?
I have considered writing a couple stories, but as soon as I sit down to start, my thought process starts jumping all over the place. So I leave that process to the professionals.

DD:   What Comic/ Trade would you recommend?
For me, it’s either anything by Ramos, or Bachalo. Especially their creator owned stuff.

DD:   What skill would you like to learn?
Coloring - I think that is the one area that I would love to improve on, especially digital coloring.

DD:   What's the most important thing you've learned?
To have thick skin, and separating the constructive crits, from the blatant dogging. There are a lot of critics in this business. Some good, some not so good. Not everyone likes what I draw. Some people love it, some people just downright hate it. For me, I have to make myself happy with what I draw, and if other people like it, then great.

DD:   Do you have a collection?  If so, what is one of the items you're
most proud of?
I don’t have a collection anymore. I did collect early Iron Man books, way before the movies. I actually had a #2 that was in semi decent condition….wish I still have that. But right now, I pretty much only collect Ramos, and Bachalo.

DD:   What is your favorite TV show/ movie?
Oh that’s tough…The Glades was one of my favorites. Criminal Minds, SVU, Chopped, River Monsters, Scooby Doo, are a few others.

DD:   Has the Portland comics culture shaped your work?
Not really. I’m pretty much a hermit, since my studio is in my house, so I really don’t get out much.

DD:   What was your first comic convention?
Honestly, the one in Portland - many many years ago.

DD:   If you weren’t doing comics what would you do?
I’ve been a lot of things in my life. Military man, HVAC Foreman, Sheet Metal Worker, Design Engineer, and now….a comic book guy…I love what I do now, and the freedom that it provides.

DD:   Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would recommend?
Pastini’s….best….Italian…food…ever….not kidding. If I could eat there every day, I would.

DD:   What is your favorite part of Portland?
It’s a small big city, and the variety of cultures that we have. And Powell’s books…and the afore mentioned Pastini’s…and VooDoo!

DD:   Where in Portland/ Oregon would you most like to visit?
I love the high desert area’s, and so probably more time in central eastern Oregon.

DD:   Would you like to write/Illustrate for another media that you haven't yet done?    Is there a character from popular culture you would like illustrate, for example,? Dr. Who, James Bond? What would you explore?
I think to be able to do story boards for a cartoon, would be kind of fun. And someday, I would like to see some of my creations that are bouncing around inside my head, to some form of larger screen.

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