Thursday, June 23, 2011

11/11-12 Underland Press Conference

Coming up is the Underland Press Un-Conference, which will be held Novemeber 11th and 12th here in Portland, and promises to provide aspiring writers:

1) A primer on the business side of publishing, so you know what editors are thinking.
2) An inside account of how our pro guests have succeeded.
3) A one-on-one with a pro to listen to your pitch and your plan
4) A one-on-one strategy session to help you build your plan
5) Free coffee, free beer, and free lunch
6) Resources to help you succeed
7) Plenty of time for socializing and for building up your industry contacts

The “pro guests” referenced to above are: Jeff VanderMeer, Elizabeth Hand, Matthew Hughes, Brian Evenson, Ann VanderMeer, Scott Allie, and Ms. Blake.
Registration is limited to 40 participants, of which only 35 spots remain. Get the full details and reserve your spot here.
Image credit Underland Press.

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