Wednesday, December 08, 2010

12/18 Axe Cop at Bridge City Comics @ Bridge City

There is a signing of Axe Cop at Bridge City Comics!  Both Ethan and Malachai will be present!    During one of Ethan's Christmas visit, 5 year old Malchai was running around with his toy fireman axe and he said he was playing "Axe Cop." He was asked to play and was brought a  recorder as weapon (flute cop).  This week-long visit they cranked out the first four episodes of AXE COP.  Malachai is the idea man,  Ethan just records the exploits.     Here is a video of the writing process.

There will be a signing on

Saturday, Dec. 18th from 3pm - 5pm.
Bridge City Comics
3725 N Mississippi Ave,
Portland, OR 97227-1158

Bridge City Comics will also have special limited edition Axe Cop art print available for purchase ($10 each) during the signing. 

If you haven't read it, checkout  Axecop

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