Monday, November 22, 2010

Questions 16: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick started translating Manga and has an extensive portfolio of translated works.   She is a columnist for Artbomb and has written for Sequential Tart.   She co-wrote 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella with Steve Niles for IDW.   Her stories have appeared in several anthologies from Marvel's Girl Comics and Age of Heroes to Image’s 24Seven and The Comic Book Tattoo.    Currently her books are coming out fast and furious from Marvel, recently she released Rescue, Sif and now the new Osborn series.   Personally I would love to see her write a Modesty Blaise story.

Check out her blog for the latest updates and full list of work.

Doug Dorr:   What projects are you working on currently?
OSBORN and two unannounced projects. 

DD:   What is your writing Process?
I write from an outline.  I break the outline into scenes, write the dialogue first, then break the dialogue into panels and write panel descriptions. 

DD:   What Comic/ Trade would you recommend?

DD:   What Comic/ Trade would you recommend to someone new to comics?
It would depend on their interests. 

DD:   Do you draw?  How involved are you in the illustration of your stories?
I do not draw, alas.  I will occasionally attempt a little sketch if I feel like I need to show the artist what I'm thinking, but it's very embarrassing. 

DD:   What skill would you like to learn?
Stand-up comedy, sushi-making, swing dancing, fencing, ice skating... I could go on and on.

DD:   Do you have a collection?   If so, what is one of the items you're most proud of?
I have a couple of vintage typewriters that I adore.  Does that count? 

I'm not sure I'm particularly proud of anything material.  I'm proud of my kids...?

DD:   What is your favorite genre of Comics?
Hm. Tough call.  Horror anthologies, maybe.

DD:   Do you have an Ipad?   If so what do use it for the most.
I do. 
The apps I use most are the Kindle app, Words with Friends and Comic Book Lover.

DD:   What is your favorite TV show/ movie?
Like, ever?   Maybe The Wire for TV.

DD:   What was your first comic convention?
San Diego!  What year was that... 2002?  2003?

DD:   What is your favorite part of comic conventions?
Seeing the friends I only get to see at comic conventions. 

DD:   What comics do your kids like?  What was/is your favorite character?
My son is into the Super Hero Squad.  He likes The Thing and the Silver Surfer. 

I was into Nocturna when I was a kid.  Go figure. 

DD:   If you weren’t doing comics what would you do?
Starve, I bet. 

DD:   Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would recommend?
Hm... We've only been in Portland for a year.  I have eaten some really good food since I've been here, but I don't know that any place stands out at my favorite just yet.  Maybe the Urban Farm?  The one in the Nines hotel. 

DD:   How long have you lived in Portland, what made you choose Portland?
We've only been here a year.  We chose it because of the comics community, the creative class and because it's astonishingly beautiful.

DD:   What is your favorite part of Portland?
The trees!

DD:   Where in Portland/ Oregon would you most like to visit?
We've been to the ocean, so I guess now I'd like to go to the mountains. 

DD:   Would you like to write for another media? or conversely, how would you feel about writing a comic of a character from a different media, for example, Dr. Who, James Bond?  What would you explore?
I started writing prose and I imagine I'll probably end up writing prose again one day.  

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