Monday, November 22, 2010

Portland Comic Book show!!

The boys and I went to the Portland Comic Book show.   This is the first time I have gone as an adult; I think my folks took me when I was in HS.   I focused this trip mainly for the boys since the are budding published young artists.  We went around and talked to whoever they wanted to.     Gannon wanted to especially talk to Ian Boothby, but it never worked out.    Thanks to all the great artists that took time to listen to these guys.   They really enjoyed watching the artists, it is amazing to watch them and learn from how the artist works.

My personal shame was forgetting the camera.   The Cloud City Garrison was there and Gannon loves taking pictures with Stormtroopers.    Although, he has a particularly nice Darth Vader/ Captain America photo which he arranged. 

We ran into Justin Zimmerman, Dylan Williams, Micah Baker, Dane Ault, Steve Dorris, the team from Corrosive comics, Anne Timmons, Chris Samnee, Brian Churilla that we had met before at different events.  Gannon completed his signed collection of Wonder Woman Day V prints.  He was missing the one from Steve Dorris.

I was really excited to meet Keith Tucker, Tom Orzechowski, Pia Guerra who I hadn't met before.   I had a good talk with Keith Tucker who just moved to Portland from Hawaii.   Tom Orzechowski  talked with Gannon for a long time about sound effects in comics.

I totally missed Kurt Busiek and Aaron Lopresti who I was hoping to talk to, although I did speak with about knitting with the lady at Kurt's booth (Bad on me for not getting a name)

After everything I think the highlight was running over to the windows in the emergency doors and looking for snow. 

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