Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Knitting and Comics

I am sure there is an interesting venn Diagram in relation to Comics and Knitting, especially up here in Portland.    My wife is a mad Knitting machine and enjoys some Walking dead.     She came across this article on Fiber Arts profiling Stephanie Brandt.   She is the publisher of Hand knit heroes.  

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Steve Bergson said...

Portland is also home to Barry Deutsch, who recently won the Association of Jewish Libraries' Sydney Taylor Award for his graphic novel Hereville. In the book, Mirka (the heroine) is challenged by a troll - to knit the better sweater.

There is a low-res scan of a page from the knitting contest at

The cover shows a smiling triumphant Mirka standing atop an oversized ball of yarn.

For more info, go to the official Hereville website.