Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Books I read on vacation

Pluto   -   This a manga that is a must read.     I am NOT a manga reader, but I try a manga once a year or so.    I was referred to Pluto by Naoki Urasawa.   It is a Science fiction robot mystery.    It is loosely based on components of Astroboy.  The mystery, storytelling, and art are great.   As soon as I finish a volume, I order the next.   It doesn’t have 50 Volumes like many manga, and has a set end, so it is not so daunting.

Irredeemable – Holy cow! Mark Waid!      I have owned this book for awhile and a kept putting it off.    But once I started it, I couldn’t put it down.   The basic story is what if Superman went bad.   I really enjoyed the fast paced, frenzied storytelling in this book.    The other heroes try frantically to get ahead of an all powerful hero.    If you love superheroes you should read this, if you hate superheroes you should read this.   It is a hugely emotional story.    I already ordered vol 2-3.  And now I am going to check out Incorruptible,   about a villain gone good.

RASL by Jeff Smith– Pocket Book (1-7)   I loved this book.   Another Sci-fi book.     This didn’t feel like Jeff Smith at all, it reminding me more of Terry Moore’s Echo drawn by Paul Pope.   It is really fast paced multi-dimensional chase story.    

Sweet Tooth – Jeff Lemire – To be honest; I wasn’t sure I would like this.   But I really did.   Lemire does such fantastic job with building engaging characters and interesting worlds.   The biggest surprise to me was how much Gannon and Kellan became interested in this book.  Gannon started reading it on his own.

A Whole New Mind – Daniel Pink – This is a book, so far, is about the mind and the differences between the Left Brain and Right Brain thinking.   It tries to help us understand the mind, and moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual age. 

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