Friday, March 11, 2011

Emerald City Con Recap

First of all it  seems to be true;   Bendis signed a dog.     I certainly hope this will not be a new trend.

Emerald City Con is fantastic convention with the top professionals from across the US and around the world.   This is convention is a well run and a great opportunity for fans and creators and publishers together and discuss what is going on.   This year has great group of celebrity guest including  William Shatner, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, John Noble and many more.   

There was a Live painting benefit at local bar Noc Noc.     At this event was Jim Mahfood, Ben Templesmith, Camilla D'Errico, Scott Campbell, David Mack, Ray Fawkes, Chris Haley, Rebecca Woods, Pete Woods, & Lar DeSouza.  According to the Multiversity guys this was a ton of fun/Sheer Madness.

Boom:   Kids Boom has become Kaboom but sadly the the Pixar properties are going to be no longer be published by BOOM.    But there will be more Disney, hopefully much more Double Duck.   (Gannon’s favorite by far).    Also coming up in Boom proper is releasing Planet of the Apes and Hellraiser

Concert at Hardrock Café with KRACKLEFEST all-star finale staring Kirby Krackle, @h2awesome, and @eugewarrock.   These guys are off the hook.

Persicope    -  Most of the members of Periscope Studio were there.

  • I spoke to Ron Randall about his own sci-fi creation Trekker.     He hopes someday have time to work on a new Trekker novel.  

  • Jonathan Case Dear Creature has been released.  

  • I spoke Rich Ellis, and encouraged a fantasy webcomic crossover between other members.

  • Tranquility Base – Lisa Eisenberg, Sarah Oleksyk, Indigo Kelleigh, Joe Keatinge  Joe Keatinge is working with Frank Cho on the super assassin series Brutal and as editor 50 Girls 50. Joe Keatinge is also writing an article for the French magazine Comic Box. And also sitting there was Nate Simpson with his NONPLAYER art. It was approved by Moebius, Geof Darrow, Frank Quitely and Frank Cho, Why aren’t you ordering it now!

    Comic Twart – Six of the Comic Twart Collective were at ECCC.    They did a live drawing at a panel, the choice was Conan.   These six illustrations were auctioned at the convention.    It was amazing meeting these high caliber artists and watching them illustrate.   It was great learning about how these artists from across the country used social media and technology to create community and a fantastic art blog.   The twarters that were there were Andy Kuhn, Tom Fowler, Nathan Fairbane, Mitch Gerads, Evan 'Doc' Shaner, Chris Samnee.   They seem to be great friends.   I spoke with a bit about Andy Kuhn Firebreather his new comic and the series. 

    Adam WarRock played at the Kracklefest.   I was finally able to meet Euge.   He was a previous host of the podcast WarRocketAjax with Chris Sims.   He is on a cross-country tour playing concerts at various comic shops.   He was also the moderator at the comic twart live drawing panel.      Hopefully soon we here some nerd rap in Portland soon. 

    Frank Cho – There may be another Jungle girl story.   Babes, dinosaurs and Nazi’s can’t be bad.   

    Ron Marz   -  He is currently working on the Artifacts Mega Event with TopCow.    I asked about CrossGen comic series Sojourn, he was the writer for this series.    But as of this time, Sojourn isn’t going to be revived.  Someday,  he will take the lessons he learned writing fantasy and create a new epic.

    Sal Abbinanti had his new work on Atomika.   The last issue is going to the printer.  It looks fantastic.   It is just finishing up and trade should be out shortly.

    Michael Alan Nelson   -   He is the writer of the zombie story 28 Days Later.     His new series Hexed just came out in trade.  It is a great story with the great Emma Rios and a Paul Pope cover.   You won’t be disappointed.

    I met Malachai and Ethan Nicolle of Axecop fame.   If you haven’t tried it you should.   It is sheer madness.   

    I was able to meet the team behind.  Project London.   This started as a low cost Sci-fi mini film and prequel graphic novels were  developed.    It looks really cool.

    The next volume of You Have Killed Me is on its way, from Jamie S Rich and Joelle Jones

    Spoke With Micheal Oeming and Taki Soma, of Rapture, about the green light for Powers.  And the release Bendis’s/Oeming Takio.   Also Daniel Berman of God Complex another Oeming work .
    I also spoke with Brubaker for a while about Iron Fist.    He has a desire to do some more with Iron fist.   He is currently working on the next Criminal: The Last of the Innocents.

    I spoke with Mike White of the new strip Amity Blamity.     His Amity Blamity book will be coming out soon.   Amity Blamity was very influenced by Bloom County, one of my childhood favorites.
    Random news from the internet and beyond.

    Marvel news
    • The Doctor Strange mini by Waid might be connected to Fear Itself
    • Captain America will be 30 page stories for $3.99 starting next month.
    • Agents of Atlas will return in Fear Itself: The Home Front 
    • Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli have "a very large project coming in the fall" of 2011
    • All the X-Men books are moving towards "something" that will become clear by 2012.  The almost all pieces are out on the table.
    • Iron Fist will be around in Fear Itself.   There are "plans" for the Runaways - when this will happen or what they are, no one is saying... but according to Bendis during the Architects panel, they are there
    • This weekend there has been a lot of talk of “Space Knights.”   Here's a direct quote from Brian Bendis that got no further explanation: "In Avengers #12.1 drawn by Bryan Hitch -- it's almost double-sized for $2.99 coming out in April… Space Knight."   
    • Nick Spencer is now a Marvel Exclusive writer.   The details of that seem a little “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey”
    DC (and Vertigo) news
    • I read there will be another Wednesday Comics, with creative teams to be announced at a later date "on the same level of talent as the first round"
    • There are plans for Dwayne McDuffie's Milestone characters
    • Love And Rockets‘ Gilbert Hernandez is to draw a guest issue of iZombie.
    • Cowboys, a graphic novel by Gary Phillips and Brian Hurtt is out in June from Vertigo Crime
    • Darwyn Cooke will draw a story in House Of Mystery #36
    • Joe The Barbarian‘s Sean Murphy says he has new book coming out that was originally rejected due for being too edgy, but is now approved.
    • Bill Willingham has a new novel from Tor coming out next year called. 
    • Babe The Miniature Blue Ox will get his own one-shot
      Dark Horse news
      • Mike Mignola will be once again drawing Hellboy
      Other news
      ·         Everyone loves Phoenix Jones.  Especially when he gets Tazered

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